ebookoriginal allows for a refund if:

a) you have not downloaded the books,tutorials, or software and

b) the purchase was made in error.

Q: Do you give refunds?
Don’t download the books, tutorials, or software and contact us immediately. We will refund your money.
However, if you have downloaded the books, tutorials, or software before asking for a refund, we consider you to have bought them.
21 USD

More insights. Clear direction. Better results. Over the last 30 years, we’ve mastered how...

Rp. 3.000.000 / $210

FULLY ORIGINAL LICENSE !!! 1 user license registered officially can only run on a maximum of 3...

900.000 IDR / 63 USD

SchweserNotes™ CFA 2023 Level 2 & QuickSheet Absorbing the CFA® Program curriculum in its...

700.000 IDR / 49 USD

Level III of the CFA 2023 exam requires demonstration of the same skills as Level II but tests your...