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Mastering Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling with Smartpls in 38 hours

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Ken Kwong-Kay Wong


Partial least squares is a new approach in structural equation modeling that can pay dividends when theory is scarce, correct model specifications are uncertain, and predictive accuracy is paramount. Marketers can use PLS to build models that measure latent variables such as socioeconomic status, perceived quality, satisfaction, brand attitude, buying intention, and customer loyalty. When applied correctly, PLS can be a great alternative to existing covariance-based SEM approaches. Dr. Ken Kwong-Kay Wong wrote this reference guide with graduate students and marketing practitioners in mind. Coupled with business examples and downloadable datasets for practice, the guide includes step-by-step guidelines for advanced PLS-SEM procedures in SmartPLS, including: CTA-PLS, FIMIX-PLS, GoF (SRMR, dULS, and dG), HCM, HTMT, IPMA, MICOM, PLS-MGA, PLS-POS, PLSc, and QEM. Filled with useful illustrations to facilitate understanding, you'll find this guide a go-to tool when conducting marketing research. "This book provides all the essentials in comprehending, assimilating, applying and explicitly presenting sophisticated structured models in the most simplistic manner for a plethora of Business and Non-Business disciplines." - Professor Siva Muthaly, Dean of Faculty of Business and Management at APU.

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