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ESG 2024 Schweser Video Class + Slides

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$42.00 each


Kaplan Schweser


ESG 2024 Schweser Video Class + Slides

Incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing into your professional skillset by earning the Certificate in ESG Investing.

  • 15+ hours of OnDemand instruction from our expert instructors
  • Getting Started Guide to start your exam prep journey on the right foot
  • Activity Feed to guide your learning from start to finish

Earning the ESG certification demonstrates your knowledge and use of environmental, social, and governance factors in institutional investment analysis. The certificate is designed for investment practitioners who want to learn more about how to analyze and integrate material ESG factors into their day-to-day roles. It is suitable for anyone working in front or back offices and adjacent roles, as well as anyone looking to improve their understanding of ESG issues.

Earning the certificate bolsters your credentials as an investment practitioner who is able to account for key non-financial factors when evaluating investment decisions. The application of the knowledge you gain throughout the program can also help you deliver more desirable investment outcomes.


70 USD

More insights. Clear direction. Better results. Over the last 30 years, we’ve mastered how...

70 USD

Level III of the CFA 2024 exam requires demonstration of the same skills as Level II but tests your...

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