CFA 2023 WILEY Study Guide Level 2 Vol. 1 - Vol. 5 + Formula Sheet

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CFA 2023 WILEY Study Guide Level 2 Vol. 1 - Vol. 5 + Formula Sheet


liminate test anxiety and confidently prepare for the CFA Level II exams Wiley's Level II CFA Program Study Guide 2023: Complete Set is a proven and recognized resource designed to help Chartered Financial Analyst candidates understand, retain, and master the CFA Program curriculum. The set comes complete with color-coded study guides and coverage of every Learning Outcome Statement included in the 2023 exam. This practical and hands-on reference includes: Figures and diagrams to illustrate important concepts, especially in the Economics, Portfolio Management, and Fixed Income subjects. Additional commentary to make the material more easily accessible. Exam tips, fundamental concepts, and in-depth examples highlighting the subjects discussed within. Prepared entirely by our staff of CFA charterholders and instructors, these books are a remarkably effective and popular study aid.

Study guide: 1,300+ pages of study text in 5 volumes of printable ebooks.

Formula sheets: 90+ pages for L1, 60+ for L2, and 60+ for L3

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Level III of the CFA 2023 exam requires demonstration of the same skills as Level II but tests your...

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