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CAIA 2022 Level 2 Schweser Notes eBook 1 - 3 + Quicksheet Level II

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CAIA® Level II SchweserNotes™ PDF / EPUB + Quicksheet


Kaplan Schweser's SchweserNotes & QuickSheet for Level 2 of the CAIA exam

CAIA Level II SchweserNotes™ Package


Pave your own path with a package that revolves around SchweserNotes™, our industry-leading preparatory platform created to empower you with the most important components of the CAIA curriculum.

Absorbing the CAIA curriculum in its entirety is no simple task. Take advantage of our expert distillation of the key exam topics and other essential content you are sure to need during your exam sessions. Our clear and concise world-renowned SchweserNotes™ will help optimize your effort through efficient focus on the most critical material.

Strategy for Success:

  • Master the CAIA curriculum and every exam topic with clear and concise SchweserNotes.
  • Study efficiently anytime, anywhere with our eBooks and integrated mobile-friendly digital platforms.
  • Review key formulas on-the-go with our QuickSheet, a handy compact laminated study tool also available in an eVersion PDF format.
  • Consult with our Activity Feed to use our study materials in the most efficient way possible.
  • Compare your scores to others and identify opportunities to improve with access to our online Performance Tracker.


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